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Bombers 2022 Draft Class

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This draft could be summed up simply as в Джадд Брэкетт мы верим.  Also known as, using the Bomber's highly paid Russian translator, Google - "In Brackett we Trust".  Yurov, Haight and Lorenz were all taken from Brackett's list (Yurov was ranked 9th on the Wild's draft list, with Ohgren ranked either 10 or 11 based on NHL Inside Access). Bombers went with two Russians in the first two picks, knowing full well they may never come to the NHL. With the Bomber's D prospects graduating or busting, Bombers restocked the D pipeline, taking Havelid, Lindgren and Hamara. Sapovaliv and Ingram aren't sexy picks, but the team needed some balance given all the risk taken with the other picks. As for the goalie pipeline, it was bolstered through the free pickup of two strong candidates via FA last year (Team Canada goalie Brochu, and STL draft pick Cranley), Bombers decided to pick another one as a gamble. 


Danila Yurov (RW, 16th Pick, Picture Left) - Danila (#25) and another unnamed player weeping after learning the Bombers selected Mr. Yurov in the 2022 BFHL entry draft. Well, that or he's crying after losing to Canada in the 2021 U18 World Championship. 

Poor Danila - he was hoping to join a decent team - one that actually has a chance of winning the BFHL championship, but instead, he will be joining a team consistently in the mushy middle and cares more about drafting than winning.  Even his teammate is seen here sobbing uncontrollably after learning of Danila's sad sad fate. It's like when you learned you got drafted into the Vietnam war and your first tour of duty is at Ia Drang at LZ X-Ray with B Company. 

To make it even worse, Mr. Yurov thought Bombers GM would follow Judd "the stud" Brackett's strategy of picking Ohgren before Yurov. This (incorrect) assumption by Danila didn't help set the right expectations. Needless to say though, Ohgren's delighted to actually join a contender in the Honeybadgers.  Danila declined to speak to us when we reached out for comment, but there are talks that he is seeking to stay in the KHL forever unless Bombers trade him (that or until that little thing called the war in Russia is over). 

Bombers did not consider any other player at this position. Bombers GM was deciding between Joakim Kemell and Danila Yurov, but Worgs decided to let Yurov burn in hell with the Bombers by taking Kemell. 

Gleb Trikozov (F, 35th Pick, Picture Right) - Gleb's brief glimpse of happiness, before all hell breaks loose and he realizes he'll be playing for the Bombers. 

Gleb's lazy.  Case in point, below are select quotes from various scouts:

  • “The compete level I saw from him in the first three months of the season was so infuriating, he was an easy no-draft for me.” Scout #1.
  • “I actually watched some tape last week. Absolutely zero work ethic in his game. Too bad because he has some talent.” Scout #2.
  • “Straight line winger with no compete. Pass.” Scout #3.

Bombers GM was looking to make sure that the Bombers farm don't get stuck with a stupid ELC for a guy who may or may not make it - instead looking for a complete lazy ass who we know WILL DEFINITELY not make it. We know this is an at least $800k cap saving whenever these prospects mature. 

Mattias Havelid (D, 48th Pick, Picture Left) - Enjoy that medal Mattias.  'Cuz that's all the winning you'll be facing until you become a UFA (at the very least).

This is a 5'9" defenseman. Let's face it, he ain't making the big show. There are a few short smurfs that somehow make it - they just don't know how to play any D (with the exception of 5'9" Jared Spurgeon, who was elite in his defensive ability even before draft). Look at guys like Quinn Hughes?  I'm not sure even knows what defense means - but he's only playing because he can generate offense (for both teams, apparently).  But some teams do better with 4 forwards and 1 D, and the Bombers is hoping to emulate the Canuck's play with Quinn Hughes. 

All in all, he's a decent upside second round type of pick that, while impressive at the junior level, may not translate well into the NHL and BFHL, and realistically won't amount to anything. Michael Schuckers' research found that only ~10% of defensemen picked around this point in the draft actually play 200 NHL games.  Bombers did not consider any other player at this position.

Matyas Sapovaliv (F, 59th Pick, Picture Right) - Bombers GM love his defensive specialist centers.  It's worked so well for his previous picks, like the amazing Freddy Gauthier, and Fydor Svechkov.

Ah Matyas. You come from a long storied line of successful bench dwellers. Whenever GM Bombers pick a defensive center, they usually end up very good at handing out the water bottles - it's an important job that somebody has to do.  Sapovaliv couldn't even get a PPG in the OHL in his draft year. Bombers considered drafting Danny Zhilkin, but wasn't sure if his Russian quota was full and decided to leave Danny for Storm to pick. 

Hunter Haight (C, 61st Pick, Picture Left)  Not to be outdone by Sapovaliv, GM Bombers select a forward that generated under 0.7PPG with the 61st pick.  These guys are all 3rd/4th line duds.

The need to draft easily replaceable 3rd/4th line talent meant Bombers GM jumped at the opportunity to find a low skillset power forward. He can be absolutely lazy and disinterested. His skating can be clumsy. Can he put it together and make the NHL?  Maybe, but it isn't looking good for him at this point.

Reiger Lorenz (C, 62nd Pick, Picture Right)  Reiger?  Or is it Rieger?  Nobody knows or cares, and it's been spelt both ways depending on which resource you read. 

Reiger follows another highschooler, the esteemed Jay O'Brien, who busted so hard, that Bombers GM decided to do it again. Reiger dominated in the crappy high school league.  Quoting various site:  "He had a lot of offensive success this year in the AJHL, but we don’t project him as an overly offensive player at the next level. We see him as a 3rd or 4th liner who can play a physical game and chip in offensively here and there." 

Mats Lindgren Jr. (D, 79th Pick, Picture Left).  Mats doing his McDavid look after McDavid was drafted by the Oilers. 

"There's still some hope for Lindgren to develop into a bottom-of-the-lineup, puck-moving defenceman, but it will require significant work on his part. The lack of any real creativity or high-end skill limits his offensive projection, as do his tools in transition and as a rush defender."  - Various scouts. 

Ahhhhhh, nothing interests Bombers more than 3rd pairing D's.  Who needs top 4 D's?  Bombers love low skill/creativity players.  Bombers considered taking Tomas Hamara at this spot.

Tomas Hamara (D, 88th Pick, Picture Right)  Hamara was celebrating when Lindgren got picked, thinking he escaped and would be joining another team.  Unfortunately, nobody loved him, and he will have to settle for the Bombers. 

He projects to be a third pairing guy.  Quoting one source, he generates "not much offense, [is] not a shutdown guy, [and has] no real physicality."  Basically he's expected to be totally useless.  Even worse, the Senators have already given him an ELC, so the likelihood of him eating up cap space is high. On the plus side, he is a huge fan of another T[h]omas - and Mr. Chabot is keen on having his own personal gopher to run errands for him. 

Adam Ingram (F, 92nd Pick, Picture Left)  Ingram taking his Bombers photo as if he's taking his mug shot.

Adam is lazy.  His skating is below average. He has no deception, and doesn't forecheck. Scouts note that he's most likely a bust.

But when you're drafting at the 92nd spot, you're not going to get a superstar stud. There's going to be some hair....and Adam is a full blown Chewbacca that hasn't had a haircut from when Star Wars VI premiered and when the attrocious Star Wars I premiered....only except he got bathed in Rogaine daily and hair plugs put in after he passed out from a night of binge drinking.   


Tyler Muszelik (G, 112nd Pick, Didn't bother with picture)  Goalies are so fickle.  This was a wasted pick.  The likelihood of a goalie making the NHL is so low, seriously, Bombers should have just picked anybody but a goalie.