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Welcome to BFHL!

A Long Time Coming

So it's been a long time coming and friends have bugged me about this for a long time now and here it is.  BFHL V1.0!.  Unfortunately we are still dealing with primitive HTML output files here and not a database, but that'll come with time... maybe. 

What is BFHL? STHS?

Well it's a fantasy hockey simulator league, keeper league more fun league or whatever you want to call it.  Instead of pools where you use NHL stats for points, we simulate the game with the players we choose!  It's for those of us who love hockey, love the hockey pools, but want to take it one step further. BFHL lets you manage a team with actual NHL players and play GM/Coach.  You can make trades with other GMs to fill holes.  You can set your line ups how you like for every game.  You analyze the results of your games and make any necessary changes.

That's not it, we will have entry drafts, offseason RFA/UFA signings (First season will be completely NHL based), retirement of players as they retire in the NHL, signing free agents during the season, etc.  Things that won't be NHL based are team names, number of teams, schedules (we will try to follow similar timeline of NHL season), contracts (after the initial ones have expired) financial revenue and probably a few other things but you get the point.  The idea is to get good quality players that will help you build a successful and financially stable team year after year.

There aren't a lot of rules and we are going to keep it an open book for now and see how it plays out.  Adjustments will be made if necessary.

STHS is the brawn behind all the simulations.  You can read more info about STHS at their site

Any Requirements as a BFHL GM?

We don't ask for a lot.  We're all busy people so we don't want to make this so stiffling that it's a part time job!  All we ask is that you at least check on the days when your team plays, that your line up is ready to go.  If you join only to check back every couple of weeks, don't bother.  This inaugural season will be busy in the beginning since we have to draft our teams and what not, but it will be worth it because this is your chance to build your team from the beginning! 

How to get Started?

If you are still interested, sign up, get chatting, express your interest and if there is a team available maybe you'll be selected for a team.  If there are no teams available, there's always a chance for expansion during the offseason or perhaps a team needing a new owner.