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Updated Site with signed players - Missed Poutiners and Torpedos

Hey Everyone

I have missed Poutiners and sorting things out with Torpedos. Site now updated with Poutiners players.

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Own FA Results! - Next Free Agency Jan 23, 10PM Pacific Time

Hey Everyone

Remember we have a Minimum 35 Player Roster and Pro cap of 81.5 million and Farm cap of 2.95 million (29.5 mil pro salary)

Open Free Agency is on now and signing sheets are due January 23rd, 2021 - 10 PM Pacific Time

All the teams are updated with:

  1. Signed Players
  2. Released Players
  3. Prospect Activations (9 more were found that was not mentioned previously)
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Prospect Activation Salaries

I always forget how painful a task matching up names are

Thanks to those who submitted your OWN FA signing sheets!  January 16th, 10 PM is the deadline

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Signing Sheet for 2020-21 - Own FA Due Jan 16, 2021 10PM Pacific Time

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

Apologies again for lack of movement. Thanks for your patience

Lets get going!

Signing Sheet is updated. Let me know if there are problems:

Jan 16, 2021 10pm PST  is for all the players on YOUR team only, with no contract. Please decide who you want to keep.

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Draft Updated - Next steps updates probably next weekend

Hey Everyone

Hope you are all doing well

Sorry for the lack of communication. Work is sucking.

Anyways, thank you for your patience, the draft is done and updated on all your rosters.

I will hopefully get more info going in the coming weekends


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