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Updated Numbers, Salary Floor

Hey Everyone, 

I caught up on some player movements and updated the site.

I updated the tracker below but please check your rosters.

Make sure you can move your player around and not only stay under cap but above the salary floor or 60.2 million

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Jan 30 Free Agency Results! ANOTHER Offer Sheet!

Hey Everyone,

I'm a couple heavy tall boys in so please double check the stuff Smile It's still your fault if the sheet you sent is not perfect Smile

We have an offer sheet on Miko Rantanen! Primetime has 5 days to match (Thursday Feb 4th EOD)

I would like to start the season by next week end so the next two FA signing periods are

  • February 3rd, 10PM pst
  • February 6th, 10PM pst

Those missing players will be assigned a player.

Here's the current status of the 35 players tracker

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35 Players - Next FA Deadline - Jan 30th, 2021 10pm PST - Season Start Jan 31?

Hey Everyone

Please Note:Your unsigned RFAs must be signed this season. In the past it would've been January. I'm debating on the date still. Probably a month before the trade deadline.

I'm hoping to start season as soon as we can. Please get your rosters up to 35 players.

Start working out your team line ups please.

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Jan 23 Free Agency Results! PLUS: One offer sheet!

Hey Everyone!

Please make sure to keep your sheets tidy and properly filled out.
Any future errors I do because of a mix up trying to process your stuff will be GM paperwork error and not corrected.

Thanks for you understanding.

We have an offersheet out on Timo Meier!
Honey Badgers has 5 days to decide to match or not.

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Free Agency Round 1 - January 23rd, 2021 - 10 PM Pacific Time

Hi Everyone,

I just corrected Torpedos own free agency.

The free agents list should be accurate now! 

Set the date! January 23rd, 2021 - 10 PM Pacific Time. I won't be mentioning it again.


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