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Sept 12th, Round 1 Free Agency Results

Hey Everyone

I went out of town and my mouse is screwed up so I had to use the touch screen mouse lol... I tried to compile and vet the list as fast I could...

Some nice offers there! Let me know if there are errors and if there are any offersheets. If there is an offersheet, Friday is the deadline!

I'll look to get the results loaded tomorrow.

UPDATE: BARZAL offersheeted Sheep GM needs to decide by Friday

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Sept 5th, Own FA Results. Sept 12, Round 1 Open Free Agency

Alright everyone

Here are the results of your Own FA. September 12th, @ 10PM Pacific time is the deadline for the first free agency!

All signings processed and unsigned released. Prospects have been activated as well.

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RESEND: Signing Tool and Own FA Deadline Sept 5th, 2021

Hi Everyone

Resending this because some doofus screwed up my webhost and we lost a little bit of data. Anyways, 

Let me know about the the prospects you want to drop, otherwise I will activate them this Saturday, September 4th, 2021.

The signing tool is updated, get it here. Thanks Bombers! 

Not much adjustments were made to the signing formulas. Lets just get this thing going!

September 5, 2021
First deadline is for all the players on your team with no contracts. If you want to keep them, here's your chance. If they don't sign, they'll goto the open market.

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2021/2022 Auto Prospect Activations, Response requested by Aug 28

Hey Everyone!

Auto Prospect Activation is upon us! Please respond by Saturday, Aug 28th if you would rather release them than keep them on your roster.

Thanks to Thrashers GM for the quick hand in pulling the information together.


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