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Double Sim Friday

Oops, seems I forgot to sim Wednesday night. Weird, I remember thinking about it.

Will sim Friday afternoon and evening.

Please check up on your rosters,

Thank you


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Double Sim on Monday

Hey Everyone,

I got pretty wasted on Saturday and forgot to sim Smile

Anyhow, looking to do a sim Monday afternoon and the second one in the evening.

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FYI: Adjusted Shots and Injuries down by 3 points

Hi Everyone

I feel the scoreboard has been pretty nice so far, however, the shots in some games are high. It may be a reflection of the matchup but nonetheless, I'd like to try and bring that high shot total down a bit. Shots have been reduced a few points down.

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Games simmed

Thanks for your patience, 

Season 13 is now underway!

Please check your line ups.



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Delayed Start

Hey Everyone,

I'm going to have to delay the start of the season for a couple days and tinker with a few things first.





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