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35 Player Tracker

Updated: 2021/09/20

Reminder, 35 minimum signed players

Pro cap: 81.5 Million
Farm cap: 2.95 Million (29.5 Mil of pro level salary)
Max Farm Salary: $4,110,732

Lines Upload Options

Three Options for Uploading Lines now!

  1. The Webclient
  2. Upload your Lines after saving it with the desktop client program with this upload lines tool
  3. Use the desktop client to auto upload (As of version 3.2.7 there are sometimes issues. In case of a problem, you will have to use option 2 to manually upload your lines)
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Sept 19th, 2021 - Round 2 Free Agency Results

Hey Everyone

Here are the results of your free agent offers.

I'll update the signings on your teams tomorrow. Thanks!


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35 Players minimum and Salary Caps, Next FA Deadline Sept 19

Hey Everyone

Here's a snapshot of your teams look players and money wise. Be sure to leave plenty of cap room to move players around in the event of injuries.
Get your signing sheets in: Sept 19th, 10pm PST


We do a hard stop on cap errors. This means I can't sim games if you're not cap compliant.  Same if you don't have enough D (roster minimum 5) or Goalies (roster minimum 2)


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Next FA deadline, Sept 19, 2021 - Barzal Offer Sheet - Round 1 Signings

Hi Everyone!

Please make sure to get your team to the 35 player limit. Next signing round is due Sept 19, 2021

Barzal offersheet in play, Sheep has til Friday, Sept 17 to respond.


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