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Trade Deadline April 24th 8pm PST

Trade deadline April 24th 8pm PST 

Trade to date
Aviators:trade  Nikolaj Ehlers   Storm 

Y13 STO1, Y13 STO5, Y14 STO1, LW Kieffer Bellows, LW/RW Joel Armia, Prospect Serron Noel

Lines Upload Options

Three Options for Uploading Lines now!

  1. The Webclient
  2. Upload your Lines after saving it with the desktop client program with this upload lines tool
  3. Use the desktop client to auto upload (As of version 3.2.7 there are sometimes issues. In case of a problem, you will have to use option 2 to manually upload your lines)
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Final FA Results, April 17, 2021, Trade Deadline April 24th!

Hey Everyone

Here are the last signings of the season!

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Slight Goalie Nerf? & April 10th, 2021 Free Agency

Hey Everyone!

I would like your thoughts on knocking down goalies by 1 point. Early in the season we were at 5 points but the scoring was getting crazy, so I bumped it up 3points.

Now looking to knock them down by 1 point. Any objections?  Or do we play the rest of the season as is?

And.... Some free agency for you below! The last signing window is April 17th, 2021. Trade Deadline is April 24th, 2021

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April 3rd, Free Agency, remaining RFA's released, Next FA signing windows

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all doing alright!

First, some important dates for finalizaing your team to get that BFHL Championship! Smile

Trade Deadline: April 24th, 2021 @ 8 PM PST

Remaining Free Agency Windows: April 10th & 17th, 2021 @ 10 PM PST


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