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Year 16, Lets go! - Bunch of Updates

Hope Everyone's summer is going great! Appreciate all your patience waiting for me to get organized.

Read on for some updates:

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Honeybadgers BFHL Champs!

Great series and Bombers had a huge run, however, fall to the Honeybadgers!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for a great year! Time for a break and get thing reset for next year!


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Season is a wrap! Playoffs ready to start April 3rd! Presidents trophy: Nokians

Just like that, the regular season is done and it's time for the playoffs!

We'll start things off on Wednesday April 3rd.

Download the playoff league file here

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Last Signings and Trades Locked In!

That's all folks! Best of luck Smile 

Make sure your rosters are correct! I'm not fixing you realize next month lol.

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Couple FA signings to report!

Bombers and Hellpeak picks up some pieces.


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